January 31 – February 1, 2014


What is a Hackathon?

Define Hack

1. to gain access to a computer illegally
2. to work on a computer program, to put together a solution to a problem

Hackathons bring people together to see who can build the coolest application. In 24 hours, participants sit down with fellow coders, designers, and others to hack together a project.

What Makes TartanHacks Different?

Despite the ultimate goal of building a really cool, useful product, hackathons tend to only draw the students who already have the technical skills necessary to build a cool product. But the hardest part of a hackathon can be coming up with an idea, finding people to work with, or getting the data you need to create a great app.

TartanHacks tries to solve those problems. Instead of 24 hours of coders trying to find an idea, Tartanhacks is 24 hours of ideas that are just itching to be written into code.

Leading up to TartanHacks, we run CrashCourse, a series of skill-building workshops. The workshops allow everyone to learn the skills they need to make their hack happen. In CrashCourse workshops, students with expertise in a given area share what they know with other students. CrashCourse has workshops for every skill level, from beginner to guru. We also have a "free agent" mixer for first-timers to find others to hack with, and we've got resources for API-use that let even beginners use public data to make something extraordinary.

This hackathon is about empowering you to sit down and build something awesome. We're offering fantastic prizes, free food—better than just pizza—and onsite support from fellow students (mentors who are hackathon veterans) for the full 24 hours.

TartanHacks is a new kind of Hackathon: one for people who have ideas and want to make them happen. Hosted at Carnegie Mellon University's Pittsburgh campus, TartanHacks will bring hundreds of students together to develop amazing products.

About TartanHacks 2013

TartanHacks 2013 was another great success. We had 200 students participate in TartanHacks. 

About TartanHacks 2012

TartanHacks 2012 was a huge success. Two years ago, 150 students and over 40 teams participated in TartanHacks. And unlike most hackathons, we are proud to report that last year, 30% of all participants were women, and many were freshmen.