TartanHacks is the largest hackathon at Carnegie Mellon! ⭐ Organized by ScottyLabs, it's a 24-hour hackathon where participants from all over the country create innovative projects. This year, TartanHacks 2023 - Disruption is coming Feb 3-4, 2023 and is bigger than ever with completely in-person events, workshops, and talks with a lineup of sponsors, prizes, and swag that will cause quite the disruption 😎 Come on over to hack, learn new concepts through our workshops, and meet other hackers! ✨

Top Projects

Thank you to all the hackers who participated in TartanHacks this year!

There were many awesome projects, but these stood out and were selected as Top 5 for the Scott Krulcik Grand Prize:


AI-powered Teaching Assistant for Educational Videos

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Assistive tech to allow people with visual impairments to “see” facial expressions of those around them.

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Effective Legal Document Inference using Low-Cost BERT Language Model.

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A system that can be installed in a workshop or makerspace to keep track of items which are frequently moved around or misplaced, by fusing together feeds from all the security cameras in the space.

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Disrupt your music taste while cultivating your own virtual pond.

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Feb 3
Feb 4


10am - 11amRangos Ballroom

Talk with Jasmine Lawrence

12pm - 1pmMcConomy Auditorium


1pm - 2pmRangos Ballroom

Q&A with Mike and Nehal

2pm - 3pmMcConomy Auditorium

Check In Starts

3pmConnan Room

Opening Ceremony

4:30pm - 5:30pmMcConomy Auditorium

Hacking Begins


Hacking Ends


Team Formation Mixer

6pm - 7pmConnan Room


5:30pm - 6pmConnan Room

RoboClub Talk

7pm - 8pmDowd

Algorand Talk

7pm - 8pmConnan


6:30pm - 8pmRangos Ballroom


8pm - 9pmRangos Ballroom

Closing Ceremony

8:30pm - 9:30pmMcConomy Auditorium

Hacker Hangout

9pm - 11pmConnan Room

Karaoke & Midnight Snack

11:30pm - 2:00amConnan Room


Mike Darweesh

Co-Founder of Google Hangouts

Michael Darweesh is an experienced software professional. He worked with Microsoft as a team lead on Mac Office and Windows DRM. Later, he joined the Mars Space Flight Facility to make mapping software for the rovers program. Then, he joined Google and co-founded the Hangouts team. His Pittsburgh startup experience includes two projects: Legalsifter, which brings ML to legal document processing, and Icebird Financial Corporation. Now, he mentors Pittsburgh talent and companies such as Gridwise and the Pittsburgh Knights. When he's not at the computer, he is playing with his cats, enjoying some pizza, or watching some hockey!

Nehal Gajjar

CEO and Founder of iMetalx

Nehal Gajjar is CEO and Founder of iMetalx, an innovative aerospace firm that develops deep tech solutions for defense. She has raised $20M+ in non-dilutive funding and has built three profitable startups. She holds a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from CMU. Her expertise spans advanced technologies in aerospace, software, and renewable energy industries and she has led breakthrough innovations with the US Space Force, USAF, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, and Pratt Whitney. She enjoys competitive sailing, mountain biking, and martial arts in her spare time.

Jasmine Lawrence

Senior Product Manager at Everyday Robots

Jasmine Lawrence is a Senior Product Manager at Everyday Robots, where they are building a new type of learning robot that can learn by itself to help with (almost) anything. Prior to this, she has worked at Facebook, Softbank Robotics America, and Microsoft. At 13, Jasmine founded EDEN BodyWorks to meet the need for affordable, natural hair and body care products that really work. Jasmine earned her Bachelor's in CS from Georgia Tech and her Master's in Human-Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. She’s been featured in news outlets such as the New York Times, the Oprah Winfrey Show, on the Forbes 30 under 30, and on Inc Magazine’s 2021 Female Founders list. Outside of work Jasmine is a poet, mentor, STEM advocate, and Advisory Board Member for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.


Scott Krulcik Grand Prize

Most impressive hack at TartanHacks 2023


Most Disruptive: Technology

Most significant technological innovation that disrupts the status quo.

4 × Mini Projector

Most Disruptive: Product

Most significant product/business model innovation that disrupts the status quo.

4 × Photo Printer

Best use of Algorand

Best use of the Algorand protocol.

$1000 worth of ALGO

Sandia National Labs Award

Sponsored by Sandia.

4 × Wireless Headphones

Best use of AI

Best use of AI.

4 × Amazon Echo Dot

Best use of GCP

Best use of Google Cloud Platform.

4 × TBD

Wolfram Research Top 5 Teams

Awarded to the top 5 teams.

A year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition + one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro

First Penguin Prize

Inspired by Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture: “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted. And it can be the most valuable thing you have to offer.” Awarded to the team that took the biggest gamble while not meeting its goals… a prize for ‘glorious failure’.

4 × Penguin Plushies

Best Design Hack

Best product design.

4 × A Dictionary of Color Combinations

Design for America (DFA) Impact Prize

Best social impact project.

Entry into DFA Impact, Tote Bags, Herb Kits

Spiciest Meme

Spiciest meme in the #memes Discord channel.

What do you meme? card game



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