Are non-CMU students allowed to attend?

Yes! However, we are unable to offer a transportation stipend, so you will have to provide for your own transportation.

How can I prepare before the hackathon?

You can come to Crash Course to learn about topics ranging from web development to data science and more! You can also come up with an idea and know what you'd like to use before the event. However, you are not allowed to pre-write any code for your hack. Furthermore, any libraries you use must be open-source.

I'm not a CS major, can I still join?

Yes! All majors and programs, even if they aren't technical, are welcome at TartanHacks. We're running a series of talks called Crash Course the weekends leading up to TartanHacks to help you brush up your skills.

Is TartanHacks open to first-years?

Yes! We welcome students of all skill levels to participate. Freshmen and other first-time hackers have always been part of TartanHacks; we would love to see you at the event!

Can I register with a team?

Currently we're having everyone sign up as an individual for the event, and we'll have you specify your team later on. Don't worry, if you already have a team chosen, you'll still be able to work with them.

How many people can we have per team?

Up to 4 people are allowed.

If I don't have a team before the event, can I still participate?

Absolutely! We've set aside some time at the beginning of event for helping hackers create teams.

I'm confused about my registration status. How does the registration process work?

There are 3 states you can be in.
1. Submitted. In this case, you have submitted your application, but we haven't accepted you yet. Don't worry though; we are doing acceptances in waves, i.e. one wave each day, up until early Friday morning.
2. Admitted. In this case, we have accepted your TartanHacks application! The final step is to click 'Confirm Your Spot' and fill out the form.
3. Confirmed. In this case, all you need to do is show up on Friday at 4PM for check in! Your spot in TartanHacks is confirmed.

Does everyone who registers get to participate at TartanHacks?

We expect that everyone who registers can get in. However, sometimes more hackers sign up than we can admit. Once registration closes, hackers are accepted based on a combination of registration order and a random process. Those who are accepted after registration will be notified via email. All other registrants will receive an email with information about our waiting list, allowing them to participate if accepted hackers do not show up.

I got in, but a few of my team members were put on the waitlist. Will they be able to participate?

Hackers are accepted individually, so we are unable to guarantee that all members of your team will get in. However, if they're on the waitlist, there's still hope! See the next question.

Is there a way to get off of the waitlist?

We will be letting hackers off the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the event. Historically, many people have gotten off the waitlist.

How much does it cost to participate in TartanHacks?

Nothing. TartanHacks is free for all undergraduate students!

I'm a graduate student, can I still participate?

Unfortunately, graduate students cannot participate. TartanHacks is currently limited to undergraduate students only.

Are we limited to software projects or are hardware hacks allowed?

Hardware hacks are certainly allowed! We don't restrict projects to software, though you will need to bring your own hardware/materials.

Who runs TartanHacks?

TartanHacks is run by ScottyLabs, a student organization at Carnegie Mellon that develops apps for CMU and runs educational events, like TartanHacks. ScottyLabs isn't affiliated with any academic department, and all of our funding comes from our sponsor companies.

What if I need help during the hackathon?

We will have a team of mentors on hand who are experts in many common technologies. They'll be able to answer your questions, help you debug, and help you along with anything you might not be confident with. They can't make your project for you, but they are always there to help!